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Master Of International Business. Madrid

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1. Economics
2. Human resources
3. Marketing
4. Finance
5. Management
6. Law
7. New technologies
8. Spanish language
9. The project: business plan
The MIB is oriented to four key elements for a successful international business education: Developing personal competencies necessary to lead corporate initiatives, obtaining specific managerial skills and a global vision of the company, analysis and decision making in an ever-changing corporate environment and finally, interaction, communication and team work.

The general objective of the MIB is to provide business education to executives:
1. Be an efficient international manager: the rapid changes in the business world require the most up-to-date methodology and techniques for our students so that they become effective and competitive managers.

2. Understand the process of change: changes in economical, social and technological areas are influencing the organisational structure of companies.

3. International competition: faced with the challenges of the European market as well as the steady march towards a global economy, executives need to adapt their perspective, without losing touch with their own values and cultures.

Students are offered the possibility of studying a semester abroad in Paris.
Titulación Universitaria. 1/2 años de experiencia laboral.

In order to access the programme it is necessary to have a university degree and professional experience. We give special importance to professional experience, as it is important to share knowledge on the basis of the contributions provided by each participant, from their training and professional responsibility, to the situations suggested by teachers. Should you not meet any of the mentioned requirements, access to the programme will be assessed by the Programme Management.

Students who pass the programme evaluation will obtain a Master degree from EAE Business School.
Students who fulfill the academic requirements established by partner Universities with whom EAE has signed agreements for double qualification will obtain a Master degree from Universidad Camilo José Cela.

In order to obtain the degree from the Universities it is necessary to already have a University Degree (Engineer, Degree or Diploma). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed the different assessments, you will obtain a university extension diploma
The academic staff at EAE Business School is made up of expert professors in their area, who combine teaching with directive responsibilities in different companies. This is the best guarantee to acquire the more useful, up-to-date and practical techniques and concepts.

MIB Course Director in Madrid
Mario González
Degree in Economics
Master in Statistics
Director of EAE Strategic Research Center
Inicio: Octubre 2010

Título Máster por EAE Business School + UCJC+PARIS

Double Degree
Master Degree from EAE Business School + Master from Universidad Camilo José Cela
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